4 Motors MoneStar Haemodialysis and Chemoteraphy Chair

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Key Features

  • The chair has 4 motors.
  • The chair position can be set easly with hand control which is necessary for the patient position.
  • The chair has 3 main parts, back parts, seat and foot parts
  • The chair Upholstery is covered with polyurethane. There is not any sewing and no prevention to micro blood circulation.
  • There are 4 motors such as back parts, foot parts, trendelenburgs and up – down movement.
  • In emergency case ( dialysis and chemotherapy patients ), one – touch emergency button with the engine running at the same time by 3 motors is the ability to be brought back to the state upside down and can be corrected with a single button again.
  • The arms move with the back in paralel to the ground together. Also arms are removable depending on the choice.
  • There is a foot resting part as to prevent any cramp while dialyzing and this part can be pulled back from the foot stepping manually. It is adjustable for kids and short patients. The foot stepping part can be also extended manually.
  • All the chair’s steel frame, seat, back, foot, head, cramp extending parts metallic and woody parts have a total Anti-bacterial property, easily cleaned and covered by APS plastic.
  • The steel frame is of 200 °C heat treated, has electrostatic powder coating and the movable parts are of chrome and galvanize coated to protect them against corrosion.
  • The chair runs smoothly under the normal electricity net conditions (220/380 V, 50 Hz.) in Turkey and has the apparatus which allows it to run trouble – free in case of any electricity fluctuation
  • The Chair Works 220/380 V 50 in Turkey
  • A battery is available to ensure the chair movability, in case of any power cut. (Optional)

Standard Accessories
Central Locking
Infusion Pole

Optional Accessories
Paper Roll Holder
Tft LCD Tv
Dining Table
HR Mattress
Soft Cushion

Color Options