4 Motors E.N.T Otornihinolaryngology Chair

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Key Features

  • The ENT chair has been desigened for examining and simple operations.
  • The chair consists of head, seat and foot sides and each part can be adjusted by electronic motor separately. In this way, any desired position can be obtained easily and the chair can be used as multi functionally.
  • The height of the chair can be adjusted by means of a motor.
  • The headrest section can be adjused in 3 axises.
  • The arms move with the back in paralel to the ground together. Also arms are removable depending on the choose.
  • The foldable stepper can protect its position by the movement of the foot side.
  • The chair frame has been designed and produced as not to be overturned. The metal parts of the product are anti corrosion coated, easily cleaned and covered by ABS plastic.
  • The upholstery which is covered as special material, is long life, easy to clean, water proof, and anti-bacterial features.
  • The chair’s feet are in compliance distance with the ground.
  • The chair can completely become a bed.

Standard Accessories
Head Supporter

Optional Accessories

Paper Roll Holder

Color Options