Emergency Response Table

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Key Features

  • The stretcher has 2 pedals on both sides. By pushing them down, the stretcher goes up and when pushing them up, the table goes down.
  • The head section of the stretcher can stand up 80 degree with sensitive holder which works manually.
  • The stretcher head side can be completely lifted by means of holders so the length of the table can be shortened to the length of the casters base, which allows it to enter an elevator or any narrow places easily
  • The stretcher rail protector bars are of one piece and can be easily mounted and dismounted by means of a lock.
  • The stretcher rail protector bars, the head side and the foot side are covered by polyurethane as to provide the patient with a soft sense and they all have iron bars inside them as to strengthen them.
  • Stretcher has a slot along the bottom of the backboard for X-Ray tape and there are clips head of the stretcher
  • The stretcher has got central brake system which is supported with the metal backed plastic.
  • The mattress cover is very flexible, inflammable, seamless and anti bacterial.
  • The stretcher has grounding line.
  • There is a grounded socket connection for the Defibrator and other electronic devices.
  • The base of the stretcher is able to contain and protect an oxygen tube, the required tools and apparatus. The subframe section of the stretcher has a holder for the oxygen tube.

Standard Accessories
Infusion Pole
Central Break
Oxygen Holder
Compact Platform

Optional Accessories

Fifth Casters