4 Motors Patient Bed

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Key Features

  • The bed’s back, foot, up – down, trendelenburg movements can be adjusted by motors, using the control panel.
  • The up down movement of the bed is supplied by back forward sliding movement the bearers
  • The bed consists of 4 rails made of injection plastic at all sides of bed.
  • The bed head section movement; there is a system to avoid discomfort to the patient and prevent the collection.
  • The bed height, trendelenburg/reserve trendelenburg, footboard and headboard are all controlled electronically and there is an angle gauge at the side of the bed.
  • The bed back side has no gaps at all. The patient does not swing when the CPR application are executed.
  • The bed foot segment angle can be controlled manuelly.
  • The bed has got diagonal piping system whose Casters can turn around 360°.
  • There are revoling rubber dampers at each corner of the bed and can turn around 360°
  • The IV poles can be hung at each corner of the bed. The IV poles’ holes are specially designed as to allow other tools, which help the patient to cling as to seat, to be mounted easily.
  • Each bed is made of metal parts which are painted with an electrostatic powder coating(200°C).
  • The motor, casters pads and the bed frame have a cover of ABS vacuumed plastic
  • The height of the chassis, the bottom of the bed fluoroscopy c – arm has been designed for the effective use of devices..
  • The head and the foot side of the bed is made of injection PP – PE plastic. Meanwhile, the base panel can be easily mounted and dismounted when cleaned by means of locks located on the left and the right side of the bed.
  • The head and the foot side of the bed have colored stickers as to prevent quick deformation. There is also a steel plate at the base of the bed..

Standard Accessories
Infusion Pole
Drainage Pole
Electronic CPR
Foot Cramp Support “15 cm“

Optional Accessories
Manual CPR
X ray Apart
Central Break “HB05-S”