3 Motors Gynecology Bed

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Key Features

  • There are 3 motors such as, back, trendelenburgs, reverse rendelenburgs, up and down support movement. The bed head section movement; there is a system to avoid discomfort to the patient and prevent the collection.
  • The up down movement of the bed is supplied by back forward sliding movement of the bearers
  • The bed can be used as a normal bed before and after birth. During the birth the foot section can be removed and the bed can be gynecology operation table.
  • After switching off the lock located at the foot side of the bed, a rail system allows an apparatus to be mounted as to form a delivery tablet. It can also be fixed and locked as well.
  • The bed flat consists of 3 pieces and they are covered by ABS vacuumed cover. They can be dismounted to be cleaned when needed.
  • The movement of the bed can be supplied by 3 motors. When no birthing condition, there is a hidden 14 Lt. placenta bowel, strain arms needed for the birth pain, one IV pole, one proctoscope apparatus, 2 footings, 2 calf supporter included with the bed.
  • The bed Casters can turn around 360° and the bed has got central system.
  • Thanks to the special polyurethane cover, the upholstery is long lasting, cleanable, water proof and anti bacterial.
  • All the accessories can be mounted on the rails easily. All the accessories directions can be adjusted by the rotational threaded and the back – forward movements can be also adjusted by the sleds.
  • There are rubber dampers at each corner of the bed.
  • All metal parts of the bed are covered by the ABS plastic.
  • Head and Foot rails made from injection plastic of bed. These rails are removable for the cleaning.
  • Each bed is made of metal parts which are painted by an electrostatic powder coating(200°C).

Standard Accessories
Infusion Pole
Grip Arm
Knee Support
Heel Support
Waste Container
Anesthesia Frame
Material Car
Central Locking
Manual CPR

Optional Accessories

Color Options