4 Motors Dialysis Bed

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Key Features

  • The bed’s back, foot, up – down, trendelenburg, revese trendelenburg movements can be adjusted by motors, using the control panel.
  • The up down movement of the bed is supplied by back forward sliding movement of the bearers
  • The bed consists of 4 rails made of injection plastic at all sides of the bed.
  • There is a emergency button for the table to return to the emergency response position. The back, seat, foot and cramp support motors operate simultaneously to bring the bed to the emergency response position.
  • When pressing at the reset button, the table returns to the seating position (position “0”) from any position. The reclining surface becomes flat and the bed lowers itself to the lowest position when this button is pressed.
  • The bed has a Wheel which helps to direct it easily and has a 3 – stage brake. The first locks the casters easily. The second to unlock them. The third locks the Wheel and the casters together.
  • The bed Casters can turn around 360° and the Caster size is 125 mm.
  • The bed has anti crashing pads on each corner able to rotate 360° and prevents any stain on the walls when hitting.
  • The bed is supplied with IV poles that is easily inserted at the two corners of the bed head.
  • Each bed is made of metal parts which are painted with an electrostatic powder coating(200°C).
  • The motor, casters pads and the bed frame has a cover of ABS vacuumed plastic.
  • The head and the foot side of the bed is made of injection PP – PE plastic. Meanwhile, the base panel can be easily mounted and dismounted when cleaning by means of locks located on the left and the right side of the bed.
  • The head and the foot side of the bed have colored stickers as to prevent quick deformation. There is also a steel plate at the base of the bed.

Standard Accessories
Infusion Pole
Drainage Pole
Foot Cramp Support “15 cm“

Optional Accessories